• No reason not to eat your veg when it looks this good! House made harissa and lime glazed cabbage], roasted until gnarly and insanely sweet😍
A great way to make your 5 a day!
Available per 1/4 or if you come down fast you could have dinner for the family sorted with our middle eastern yoghurt roasted chicken too!
#shortorderspecials #havennewstead
  • Restaurant Quality without the time? Come on in and see our team and grab yourself some amazing breakfast or brunch on the run! Like ☝️one :
Roast  garlic scented tomatoes on Sourdough, whipped feta, poached egg and some cracked pumpkin seeds. 
#shortorderspecials #newstead #brisbanebreakfast #brisbane
  • Salad of the day - Zucchini kale feta parsnip! Get in quick 😁🤩
  • Vegan cake and coffee special for our dairy free customers 😍come down to short order for an $8 deal, today only!
  • Sometimes you cant beat the classic, today we have potato bake! Get it in your lunch box with chicken or pork belly!
  • Rainy day calls for a smooth coffee and hot buttery banana bread! ☕️☔️ #shortorderspecials #coffee #rainyday #foodphotography
  • Everyday could can start with a perfect coffee.
  • Sambo
(Ham, Tomato relish, Spinach and Whipped Ricotta)
Thats a vibe!