• Click like if you would love a Miele wine conditioner in your home! Miele wine conditioners feature up to three sections with separate temperature controls. This ensures red wine, white wine and champagne or sparkling wine can be stored at the same time and in perfect conditions. Image via @harriskitchensandjoinery #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Miele appliances are designed to offer home chefs a new kitchen experience, with innovations that promise impeccable results, sure to impress your family and friends. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience 
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  • Recipe to try: Miele Culinary Expert's decadent chocolate fudge - made in a Miele warming drawer! This versatile appliance can be used for much more than simply warming crockery - including slow cooking tender meats and creating desserts. Click on the link in our bio for the recipe.
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  • Serve your drinks chilled to perfection with Miele's automated ice cube maker. Making up to 100 fresh ice cubes per day, utilising a main water connection. Image via @sofiaainterior #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Did you know Miele's laundry appliances are not only incredibly economical but also have such low sound levels that you can wash and dry in peace and quiet? #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Japanese salmon skewers - steam at 100°C for 2-3 minutes for an appetising entree. This cooking style produces a very soft texture to the salmon, similar to sashimi. Click on the link in our bio for the recipe. #mieleaustralia #mielexperience
  • A statement mirror facing the kitchen area in this Zuzana & Nicholas Architects renovation, with stainless steel edges complementing the kitchen design. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience @huntingforgeorge. Photography by @toby_scott
  • Integrate your dishwasher perfectly into the design of your kitchen, with the entire front of the appliance concealed either behind cabinet paneling or a Miele fascia panel made from stainless steel with CleanSteel finish. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience @huntingforgeorge Photography by @toby_scott