• Vacuum Sealing Drawers are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens, with their many benefits including increasing the storage life of food, intensifying flavours of marination and portioning food after preparation. Watch to see Miele's versatile Vacuum Sealing Drawer in action. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Miele Culinary Expert's baked custard tart. The Intensive Bake function on select Miele ovens is great for fruit flans and tarts, producing a crispy base while still remaining delicious on top. Click on the link in our bio for the recipe! #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Enjoy an unobstructed view and be part of the conversation while cooking, with Miele’s TwoInOne cooktop that combines advanced induction technology with an integrated extractor. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • The art of Sous-vide cuisine. This method sees food cooked at low temperatures, generally around 55° to 60°C in steam. Miele makes this process easy with the help of a Vacuum Sealing Drawer and Steam Combination Oven. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Miele Culinary Expert's carrot and pecan cake. Click on the link in our bio for the recipe to create at home. For an even more impressive cake, double the recipe and bake in two 20cm springform cake tins.
#mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature on select Miele ovens turns food residue to ash - which can be easily removed from the oven surface without a trace. To find out more about Miele ovens, click on the link in our bio to book a complimentary appliance demonstration at your local Miele Experience Centre. #mieleaustralia #mieleexperience
  • Leave your house in the morning and return to a clean home in the evening. While you are out, the Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum knows exactly what to do. Image via @maddison.bloom 
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  • Create delicious flourless chocolate Easter cakes at home with @chefbennett23's exclusive recipe - a great alternative to a traditional hot cross bun. Click on the link in our bio for the recipe.
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