$43 Two Course Lunch Special, 12pm-3pm $43 Two Course Lunch Special, 12pm-3pm


  • @jacquitoumbas eats Cheeky 6-7 times a week and swears it makes her a better human. I must admit, she was pretty average before she went Cheeky 😂🐡🙃#cousinappreciationpost
  • These two cuties are all the love we need this Valentines Day. Happy day of love Cheekys. Enjoy some poke with your loved ones today ❤️ #valentine
  • Terrance the Tuna part 2. Someone cut the sh#t out of me. I get cut daily... I get cut fresh.. Yeah I’m pretty cut they cut me but let’s cut the sh#t. Cheeky only uses #freshnotfrozen 🐟 [Q&A: How many cut would a wood cut cut if a wood cut could cut wood?] #tuna
  • 4 ceiling leaks, 1 power outage, 1 gas outage, 784 tacos and 426 cheekys through the door. All in 3 hours. We’re really sorry for the wait guys. We’ve got some maintenance to do tonight but we’ll be back bigger and better tomorrow #cheekytuesdays
  • Terrance the Tuna. He likes long walks in the park, watching movies and going to the pub on Sunday for roast dinner. Seeking girl/guy to eat me up #tuna
  • The very first taco at Cheeky Newstead. Can’t wait to share the love around Brisbane. Only $5 every Tuesday #cheekytuesdays #tacosareagirlsbestfriend #cheeky
  • Wash your fish down with the best juice in town 🐟+(🍉x🍐)=🤤 #hrvstst @hrvst_st 📸 @graceelizabethimages
  • BRISBANE CITY - Cheeky enters the jungle this August. We can’t wait to make Ulster Lane ours 🏗🚧 #yourbestselfinthecity @archie.bolden @dcb_developments