• Enjoy a Guatemala El Jardin Organic coffee in our Surfers Paradise cafe or by purchasing online. This coffee is grown in cool stable conditions at a high elevation, receiving the perfect nutrients from the volcanic soil. #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • To create the perfect filter coffee pour hot water over ground coffee, letting the water absorb the flavours and oils of the coffee, and letting it drip through the filter into a mug or container below. Filter brewing methods produce a clean, sweet delicate brew that can show off the complex nature of a coffee. #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • When you buy Paradox single origin coffee, you're supporting communities like this one - the Sidamo Zone of southern Ethiopia. #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • Are you in a single shot, double shot, latte, filter coffee or cappuccino mood today?  #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • Our single origin program has highlighted unique collectives across countries like Guatemala and Ethiopia who are producing some of the best coffee in their regions. #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • Our Surfers Paradise Cafe is open from 8:00am to 1:00pm this Easter Weekend  #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • Through our cupping sessions, we can guide our wholesalers through the process of selecting the ideal coffee blend or single origin coffee that delivers the right taste profile for their customers. #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters
  • Shop our signature blends and single origin beans in-store or on our website. #ParadoxCoffeeRoasters